Soli – I bambini di Osho



A group of people listen to the teachings of a holy man under an old tree. At the other end, a child walks away. The dominant color is orange, which distinguished the followers of Osho.

This podcast, written and narrated by Roberta Lippi, tells the story of those children of followers of the communities of Osho scattered around the world. Their education was inspired by concepts that were in many ways avant-garde. The children were not intended as property of their parents but as belonging to the community only.

They were given great freedom in the organization of the day, which allowed many of them to develop a strong sense of responsibility from an early age. Many of Osho's children grew up to become adults with a great creative spirit: musicians, artists, directors, photographers and in many cases highly successful professionals.

For others, destiny was not as bright: the great freedom they enjoyed turned into a very problematic relationship with "normal" society when, closing communities and dispersing their adherents, many had to face a difficult insertion in a human context that did not share the same rules.

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