The thing happened like this: I have been drawing for years while watching a movie or a TV show. I do two things I like doing at the same time. Then some time ago I had the idea of ​​isolating some frames of what I was looking at and redesigning them. I took the screenshot and then reinterpreted them. The only rule was to always use the same technique, that is the same brush: in this case it must be a kind of oil, I wouldn't know for sure, with digital you never know. It was fine and had the sufficient degree of inaccuracy that was needed. I didn't want to copy: I wanted to extract the meaning of that scene. The criterion that made me choose was partly unconscious and partly aesthetic. Or: something told me that the scene more than others contained a sense of the film. I wouldn't say THE sense, but a possible one, yes.

I started with the beautiful "The fantastic Mrs. Maisel”.

The images I have obtained do not tell much of the story from which they are drawn and are not even willing to do it. They are separate entities and interpretations of a story or a frame. The more I isolated them, the more I understood that they could be different. The derivation - for those who know the works from which the frames are taken - can be clear but has no importance.

Good images stimulate the mind and must not satisfy it.They just need to activate some mental process that from point A leads to another point. Not point B or C. A point, no matter what.


A selection of the works of the collection can be purchased in the store in different prices and formats mounted on frames of different types or without frames as well.

The preparation of the product (printing, frame and shipping) is entrusted to Society6. The production and shipping times are variable and in the order of 2-4 weeks. By clicking on the images you can access the store and therefore choose the desired format and the type of frame.



Prints are made on natural white paper, matt, ultra smooth, 100% cotton, acid-free and without lignin. Hand-finished with a 2.5 cm border for x-small and small prints and a 5 cm border for medium, large and x-large prints.


Interested in a work not yet in the store? Send me a message specifying which one and I'll make it available.